About Endtime Advocacy

Idowu received the call for this mission in the autumn of 1989, and has since served in various ministry roles as he continues to mature in all aspects of God’s purpose for his life. This work is at the core of his earthly service to the kingdom of God.

Idowu A Owoyemi

Director, EndTime Advocacy

About Endtime Advocacy

Our work is by networking with other religious bodies at conferences, conventions, convocations and such meetings to preach, teach, train and inspire every christian to be ready and be a witness everywhere.

We hope to reach the rest of the world through various media as available to us, such as Facebook and YouTube. 

As you familiarise yourself with our work on this site, you may want to network with us or support us in any way you can, if you are so led by God; but more importantly, we ask that you pray for the work.

All Blessings,.

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